Self-Assessment Tax Return: Document checklist for 2018-19

Employment (all employment from 06/04/18 – 05/04/19) P60 or P45 showing gross salary, tax deducted by PAYE, and student loan deductions. If applicable, an employer’s P11D, showing all benefits. A list of any tax-deductible expenses e.g. professional subscriptions, travel expenses … Continue reading

A top 10 countdown of the worst excuses given to HMRC for late tax returns

With a fast-approaching due date for Self-Assessment Tax Returns, some taxpayers can find themselves struggling to file their return on time. For many there is a genuine reason that they are struggling to meet the 31st January deadline. For others, … Continue reading

Plans To Raise The UK’s Minimum Wage To The Highest In The Developed World

During September, chancellor Sajid Javid announced plans to raise the minimum wage over the next five years to the highest level in the developed world. In his speech at the Conservatory Party Conference, he not only pledged to raise the … Continue reading

Important Dates For Companies

Limited companies have a multitude of regulations that they are legally obliged to follow. On top of correctly paying their taxes on time, there are several filing deadlines that they are expected to meet under threat of penalties (and potentially … Continue reading

April 2019: Employer Bulletin

HMRC publishes their employer bulletin on a bi-monthly basis, with the intent of giving employers the latest information on issues which are likely to affect them. Below are a few summaries of articles included in the employer bulletin:   Reporting … Continue reading

Tax-Free Childcare

Working parents, including the self-employed, have access to a government scheme called Tax-Free Childcare. If you have children aged 0-11, you could get up to £2,000 per child, per year towards qualifying childcare. If your child is disabled this increases … Continue reading

Important Dates For The Self-Employed

Amidst our busy lives, it can be hard to keep track of all the yearly deadlines set by HMRC. We have therefore compiled a list of key dates for the 2018/2019 tax year: 31st January 2019 – This is the … Continue reading

Self-assessment tax returns: Do I need to register?

With the new tax year having just begun on the 6th April, now is the perfect time to consider the last 12 months and begin preparing for the year ahead. The first question to be asking yourself is whether you … Continue reading